Test av Kikare KITE IBIS ED 8.5x50

En kikare perfekt för jakt!


Kite Ibis ED 8.5x50

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Newcomers to follow… from closeby
We present you a newcomer to the world of optics for hunting. A Belgian brand that is adressing
the mid-range with very solid arguments and a very rich assortment that is still in full exansion.
One of the brand’s flagships is without a doubt the IBIS ED range, a discovery…
Do not look into your catalogues, or previous issues of this magazine for more information on the
assortment of KITE Optics, you won’t find it. The company KITE is not really a new company, but it is
quite recent. It is in fact in the year 1994 that the Belgian brand, with its headquarters in Bruges, was
born. A family business that had passed already many years as import company of sport optics from
several famous brands, launched itsself into the production of its proper line of optics with serious
With its high grade of specialization KITE develops its instruments in Belgium, has them
manufactured in Japan and makes the final finishings and quality control in Belgium. KITE has a good
network and works very closely together with each of its dealers. Today, the brand and specially its
new range of IBIS ED binoculars has arrived on the french hunting market. These binoculars have
caught our attention as they are situated in a € 980 - € 1110 price range, the entire family of 6
models, while being in a quality range that seemed far superior to us.
A prove of the confidence that the company has in the quality of its products, is the 30 year
warranty. And above all, the company commits itsself to returning any instrument with a problem or
need of repair in perfect condition to the customer within 3 weeks.
The IBIS ED binoculars are characterized by their good optical performance but also their design. The
binoculars do not have the traditional big link between both optics, but use a 2 hinge open bridge
design. The absence of a traditional bridge was however already introduced by the Swarovski EL
more than 10 years ago. Since then, many manufacturers have followed the lead of the autrichien
company as this design, which allows you to grab your fingers around the optics, has proven to be
very pratical. And in fact, the grip and ergonomics of the IBIS ED are also quite good. The hands easily
find their place on the rubber body and this makes observing comfortable and easy every time.
Because the design allows a very firm grip the binoculars don’t move, and even when using a very
high magnification the risk of making movements stays very low. Only remark, a cut-out for thumb
placement underneath the binoculars would have been appreciated. This point of critic shows as the
thumbs, which meet on the bottom of the binoculars, are a little bit too close to each other while the
index finger operates the large focus wheel on top of the first hinge. The large ribbed focus wheel is
however very practical and is found very easily with the index finger.
The binoculars are water- and dustproof. judging by the thickness of the black-grained rubber
armoring, they should also be well resistant to chocks. This also makes the feel of the binoculars very
nice, and the grained texture makes sure the binoculars will not become slippery in the rain.
Optical quality: the highlight of the IBIS ED.
The optical quality, at this price level, is the real highlight of these binoculars. The image is beautiful
and well defined with a good contrast. The colour reproduction is natural. There are no dominants
such as slightly yellow or warm. The dioptric setting, on the right eyepiece, is practical and allows to
obtain a sharp image on all distances whatever the condition of your sight. The eyecups can be
placed on 3 levels, 4 if we also count the closed position. So there too, one can find the most
comfortable position whether you have large eye sockets or not, wear glasses or not.
Last selection criterion: The weight.
The two models we have for testing, the 8x42 and the 8.5x50 have a weight of 770g. and 902 g. A
very good weight and comparable to the weight of binoculars with the same design and

To finish with these binoculars, know that the Ibis ED range counts six models. 3 bincolars with a
42mm objectif diameter, the 7x42, the 8x42 and the 10x42. And 3 binoculars with a 50mm objectif
diameter, the 8.5x50, the 10x50 and the 12x50.
Also know that all these models are delivered with a green/black cordura case which is discrete and
solid, with protection covers for eyepieces and objectifs, and neck strap.
Laurent Bedu
In our oppinion
+ Quality/price ratio
+ Sharp image without any dominant colours
+ Weight and grip
+ Usage comfort
+ Design and modern shape
-No thumb cut-outs
-Very sober lines
Connaissance de la Chasse- N° 430 – February 2012