Test av Kikare KITE IBIS ED 10x42

En perfekt kikare för jakt och fågelskådning

Kite Ibis ED 10x42


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As people asked me to look closer at the products of a manufacturer I had never heard about, I first
refused. There are so many products not worth the effort… Then I thought to myself, this is my job so
I must make the effort. A look on the internet, a meeting at Chambord (France’s biggest hunting fair)
with some quick observations on the fairground… and KITE sent me a pair of 10x42 binoculars that I
found appealing for a comprehensive test in all terain - in all conditions - and for hunting use.
KITE OPTICS is a developer and distributor of optics based in Bruges – Belgium. As a qualified optician and
passionate birdwatcher, Georges De Putter left the family business, an optics distribution company, to launch
his own company fully dedicated to sport optics. Founded in 1984, KITE Optics focuses on the development and
distribution of modern, high performing and solid instruments for nature observation.
The belgian developed KITE instruments from medium-to high-end are being manufactured in Japan, using the
the latest and highest quality materials and treatments. A country that has a solid reputation of
manufacturering the best quality professional optics worldwide.
During my meeting with KITE at the Game Fair, I had the opportunity to get a first impression of the models
that seemed most interesting for all-round hunting purposes. Whether for stalking, mountain hunt, or battue.
As selection criteria, I have chosen the optical quality and weight as most important. The last is very important
to me for those long days in the mountains. Even when using a shoulder-strap that reliefs the neck, 60g or 80g
make a very big difference after walking for eight or ten hours. I made my choice, the new IBIS ED 10x42
binoculars from the house in Bruges.
The IBIS ED’s 10x42 are modern looking open-bridge binoculars. Weighing 795 g. and equipped with supple
rubber lens-protection-covers, they feel even lighter because the weight is so well balanced. This is a very
important advantage, because it allows the binoculars the be handeled with one single hand, and this is often
needed during hunting. The open-bridge design also ensures a very stable view when using both hands with
minimum fatigue.
The diopter adjustment is made by a comfortable sized ring, placed over the right eyepiece. The adjustment
value is important, -4/+4. Many spectacle wearers will highly appreciate this. The centrally placed focus wheel
provides a very firm movement, but without any effort. The weel has good dimensions, runs very supple and its
diameter enables the user to make fast and accurate focusing.
The twist-up eyecups , which are more and more standard, allow a fast adaption to any type of user…
spectacle wearer or not. The twist-up eyecups of the IBIS ED are made from a lightweight metal making them
very solid, this is a contradiction to the many other brands who are nowadays making their eyecups from
plastic. The soft rubber ring on top of the eyecup makes sure you can make long observations in comfort.
The body of the IBIS EDis made from lightweight alloy. The black rubber armoring has a grained texture, a bit
like the Swarovski instruments. Together with the open-bridge design, this provides best grip even in august
storms and autumn rains. The IBIS ED is equipped with a very comfortable neck strap, a shoulder strap is
optionally available with KITE Optics.
The IBIS ED was originally designed for birdwatching, an activity that demands high resolution, best definition
and neutral colour rendition. Our Ibis ED 10x42 is equipped with new high-definition lenses and coated in a way
to eliminate aberration and ensure maximum light transmission. The field of view is 114m at 1000m, the
twilight index has a value of 20.5.
The sharpness and contrast of the image are excellent for a pair of binoculars in this price range. The optical
qualities of this instrument are on the same level as those of the very famous German and Japanese brands. I
have concluded this after using the IBIS ED 10x42 for more than 3 months during hunting, hiking and use at the
shooting range. On several roe deer hunts in the south-east and Caroux mountains, I have had the chance to
extensively compare the IBIS ED with the binoculars from my friends and other optics at my disposal, which
were all from very reputated brands. From the early morning till the last moments of the day, I never felt
disadvantaged during the many moments of long observation. Of course, only when comparing to instruments
with the same magnification and lens diameter. I know very well that some will not be pleased with the
following statement, but the IBIS ED has proven itsself to be at least equal in optical quality as the Zeiss
Conquest HD… and even superior in ergonomics and on mechanical quality levels for some parts such as the
twist-up eyecups which are much more solid made on the Belgian-Japanese IBIS ED.

Another advantage of the IBIS ED, the close focus brings you to 1.4 meters, which is remarquable. A plus for the
hunters who also have other passions such as the observation of nature, insects and ornithologie. The image
resolution remains excellent.
KITE OPTICS also offers an excellent quality range of fieldscopes, suited for digiscoping. It is the house of KITE
in Bruges that has also developped the excellent skua cases for fieldscopes. All conditions, anti-shock… These
cases are available for the scopes from Leica, Swarovski, Zeiss and of course KITE. All roof prism binoculars in
KITE’s medium- to high-end range, and all fieldscopes, are covered by a 30 year warranty. The warranty
includes also the twist-up eyecups and lens-protection-covers. The after-sales service from KITE has a very
good reputation.
In the beginning I was rather reluctant to test these new IBIS ED binoculars, but I can absolutely not regret
doing so, as their quality has amazed me. Being so high performing, solid, practical in use in all conditions and
for all applications… They show to be an excellent choice for the eclectic hunter who does not have, or does
not want to spend, an imense budget. Also note that KITE offers even better performing instruments like the
Bonelli, and simpeler yet excellent quality instruments like the Forster and Petrel.
These are without a doubt products to discover.
The advised retail price of the IBIS ED 10x42 is very reasonable at € 990.