Test av Kikare KITE IBIS ED 10x50

En kikare perfekt för jakt!

Le Chasseur Francais

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Our choice for the hunter
The 10x50 IBIS ED from KITE.
This brand is famous with birdwatchers but less known with hunters, though its price-quality ratio is
very good.
It’s at a hunting fair that we have discovered the brand KITE. The brand’s models are discrete, black
coloured and most bear the name of birds which shows that KITE is active in a niche market.
The models are being designed in Belgium by KITE’s people who are passionate about optics. The
fabrication of the instruments is carried out at a specialized factory in Japan, which shows in the
technical quality of KITE’s instruments. The new IBIS ED provides a new design which is characterized
by the open-bridge design. In combination with the nice rubber armoring, this results in better
handling comfort. We also notice the retractables eyecups which can be dismounted. This allows you
to simply replace the eyecups by new eyecups by yourself, and is also very easy for cleaning.
The use of ED glas improves the sharpness of the image, and provides excellent colours reproduction
and contrast. We have submerged the binoculars in a bath of water, without noticing any infiltration
of water or moisture. Even after passing through our freezer, the binoculars’ interior did not show
any sign of vapure.
Technical data: ….
Verdict: Light and Bright
2 remarquable things noticed during first use:
The weight: These 50mm binoculars do not weigh more than most of their 42mm competitors.
The brightness: Being a user of 42mm binoculars because of their weight and dimensions, The IBIS ED
10x50 has positively surprised us. Certainly at the price they cost! Yes they are expensive binoculars,
but they cost only