Test av Kikare KITE IBIS ED 8.5x50

En kikare perfekt för jakt

Kite Ibis ED 8.5x50

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We rather save the best for last. Because this was probably the biggest surprise of the passed year.
The arrival of KITE, the Belgian-Japanese brand, on the hunting optics market did not pass by
The prices of these instruments are clearly lower than those of their competitors, while the quality is
amazing as we have shown you in our last August issue. We have tested these binoculars during
foggy roe deer hunts in Scotland, chamois hunts in the snowy Pyrenee mountains, nocturnal boar
hunts in Portugal with scorching tempertatures and deer hunt in the Cevennes under very low light
conditions. Every single time, the binoculars have performed excellently. Solid, light, bright, compact
and comfortable in use. We have compared them in the worst light conditions to similar (same
magnification and diameter) instruments from very reputated brands and have seen the IBIS ED to
be a very worthy competitor to the best binoculars available. We have tested the KITE IBIS ED in
8.5x50, with a twilight index of 20.6 and an advised retail price of € 1095.
Note: Kite offers a 30 year warranty on its products and the after sales service, which is among the
best, allows express repairs even when for example all your lenses are damaged at a forfait price
around € 80. Only little downside, the anti-fog treatment on the outer surface of the lens is not as
good as the one we find with Swarovski, although the anti-reflective coatings are of highest level.
KITE OPTICS instruments are being distributed in France by SportOptic.